Spring cleaning my kitchen

Project Simplify: Week Four has been accomplished! The project was to clean out and organize the fridge and pantry. Well, I have a teeny fridge and not much of a pantry, so I just hauled up my britches and reorganized the whole kitchen. Unfortunately, the before picture has disappeared in the download! You will just have to imagine how messy and gross it was. Just think...we were sick for a couple of weeks and didn't bother trying to clean the mountain of ick that was our kitchen. You know it was bad. But, here are the happy results.

Here's a close-up of the pantry cabinets and silverware drawer (have to show off my new bamboo tray).

Can't wait to see what the last project will be tomorrow! I'm having a lot of fun getting more organized and getting rid of SO MUCH STUFF. I plan to tackle a couple more hot spots once Project Simplify is over...just because I can.

Oh, and I want to paint that kitchen. Maybe red. Hmmm...


Slowly getting back to something resembling normal...

Week #2 of Project Simplify was managing paper clutter. Week #3 was kid's clothes and toys. Both sort of fizzled out. Working through the paper clutter was a bigger job than I thought, and I got stuck, I think. Still not sure where I stand on that, but I'm slowly muddling through it. I'll let you know when I figure something out.

The beginning of last week did not bode well for tackling another project...Scott and I both came down with that cursed influenza and were out of commission for six days. We're still regaining our strength and energy. Needless to say, that week's project didn't happen either. Fortunately, I had already gone through kids clothes when I did mine, and we don't have very many toys to begin with. Both areas could use better organization, but we'll get there.

So...this week? Refrigerator and pantry! I am so glad this one is finally here...I have needed to do this for so long! Today's plan is to clean up the kitchen so tomorrow I can start tackling the project. Come back Friday to see results!

Now I must go tend to my pungent daughter's south end...


Project Simplify: closet and wardrobe results

So passes the first week. Working toward a more simple life this week has been a success! My closet and wardrobe no longer muddle my mind and intimidate my self confidence.

Here's a summary of before: closet...

and dresser.

I pulled out all of my stuff (different sections at a time...made sure the kids were fed and occupied with toys on the bedroom floor). Shirts, pants, socks, skirts, earrings, underwear, kid's clothes, EVEN old bridesmaid dresses. I filled two boxes to give away. Sweet! Biggest challenge? Getting rid of the really nice stuff that just doesn't quite fit. 

Still, the results make me happy!

Liam was my little helper :-) 

Scott has yet to go through his stuff, but I'm not too worried about it. He keeps his stuff neatly organized (unlike mine) and although he has many more clothes than I do, they all have their various purposes.

This was fun! I am excited to see what next week will bring.


Project Simplify: Week One

This week starts my new daring adventure: undertaking SimpleMom's Project Simplify.

Last night I told Scott I hoped one of the hot spots on Project Simplify was my closet, as I gazed into it in disgust.

The funniest thing? It's the first hot spot to tackle. Along with the dressers. All of our clothes, every single piece.

Here we go! Check back on Friday for the results. I hope they will be clean closets and dressers and NOT a stressed and bedraggled me :-)


It's been a while.

Five months exactly.

Time goes fast with two little people keeping me busy. Maggie is eight months old today and Liam is speaking in complete sentences most of the time now...even coming up with his own (not just repeating what we say). And growing, both of them, oh my goodness!

I'm discovering what an incredible treasure simple living is. I'm currently reading Organized Simplicity and this book is bringing some order to my crazy muddled mommy brain and inspiring me to make some changes. Not just having ideas and dreams about what it takes to create a peaceful home, but actually doing something to make it happen now.

However, it is a slow process. But the beauty of it is the process; continually focusing on the small, simple parts of life that have meaning and bring joy. I'm excited.

All that said, I'm taking a running start, beginning March 7th. Five weeks, five parts of my home...gonna dig into it, get dirty and de-clutter. Join me? 


Sharing You

What does it mean to be a woman? I'm embarking on search to describe what it means to me. It's who I am, but who is that? How do I fit in this puzzle of culture and family?

I'm writing this as a question to you readers of mine who share this identity. Tell me who you are.
What are your deepest desires and aspirations?
Where is your heart, and how do you listen to it?
What fulfills you, moves you, inspires you, frees you?

Share your loves.



Well, here I am, finally. This won't be much, and I'll probably rarely have time to post anything, but please be welcome to these scribblings of my life. I love to write, and a blog is a great excuse to do so.

I want you to know why I'm calling it Music of the Trees. A long time ago, in a small cove of the forest in a quaint New Jersey neighborhood, a girl who loved nature wrote her little sister a poem. Here it is:

See the Music

See the music of the hills
Who, each without speaking silently fills
Our hearts with glad exultant thrills.

See the music of the trees
Who, whispering softly in the breeze
Sing to us of wonderful things.

See the music of each flower
Who rains on our souls with quiet power
Drops of a blissful heavenly shower.

See the music of his face
Who, by his perfect love and grace
Set each silent song in place.

I'm the little sister. I love trees. I spent my childhood climbing them, and will still happily do so when I find a good one. That poem was very likely written in one.

Trees are strong, and they inspire strength. I can sway in the breeze at the top of a tree and feel safe. Trees are full of life; their own and the life blossoming in them and around them. Trees are beautiful. God speaks to my heart through trees. Trees sing of wonderful things.

In all the craziness of life, I need to stop.
And listen to the music.
The trees whispering in the breeze, the rain, my baby's breath, my heart. These things keep desire and love alive in me. I need them. Come, be silent, and listen with me.

coming soon...Maggie's birth story.