Project Simplify: closet and wardrobe results

So passes the first week. Working toward a more simple life this week has been a success! My closet and wardrobe no longer muddle my mind and intimidate my self confidence.

Here's a summary of before: closet...

and dresser.

I pulled out all of my stuff (different sections at a time...made sure the kids were fed and occupied with toys on the bedroom floor). Shirts, pants, socks, skirts, earrings, underwear, kid's clothes, EVEN old bridesmaid dresses. I filled two boxes to give away. Sweet! Biggest challenge? Getting rid of the really nice stuff that just doesn't quite fit. 

Still, the results make me happy!

Liam was my little helper :-) 

Scott has yet to go through his stuff, but I'm not too worried about it. He keeps his stuff neatly organized (unlike mine) and although he has many more clothes than I do, they all have their various purposes.

This was fun! I am excited to see what next week will bring.


  1. That looks great! It must feel really good to look at that each morning. I'm starting to feel inspired! We can't even close the closet doors at this point...

  2. Thanks, friends! I feel so good now that it's out of the way. Now to keep it that way...

  3. Yay for clean closets! :) I've been working on mine too...